The Look of the Heart.

The look of the Heart

The purpose of the association is

To help the ethnic minorities of ASIA in the field of education, health care, food, culture and entertainment. It focuses on helping children in particular:

Remote villages

On the spot, 2 people, all volunteers, travel the countryside to distribute aid to children in villages that are too far away and not important enough for the big NGOs.

the orphans

For whom the humanitarian aid of large organizations does not reach. It also intends to help children get closer to their biological parents by maintaining contact and support.

The chifiers

In Phnom Penh, 10,000 children spend their days in the street, scavenging for garbage. They are subject to physical and moral violence of all kinds: diseases, prostitution, drugs... The Cambodian government is not able to face 

Image from AME D'ASIE